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Good news and bad news actually. As tradition dictates, bad news first.

The quantity of rules, mechanics, tables, and such has reached a point where I can no longer recall individual system terms out of hand. There are two ready explanations for this — either I’m getting old (I’m not even thirty!).

…Or the system has reached a point where I need a reference book.

I can promise you that it isn’t because the game has gotten ridiculously complex and convoluted, because if that were the case I’d be in a clamor trying to iron things out. Instead I’ve been plugging away at the various subsystems, trying to prepare the system for its eventual publication.

This is good news — assuming it doesn’t mean I’m getting old — because it means I’ve reached the point where, as I said already (great, now I’m repeating myself), I need a reference book to keep track of everything I’ve developed.

Before I continue, I’ll create a compilation document. I’m thinking at this point, I might even start circulating iterations of this document for review and testing otherwise I won’t get the feedback I need for ongoing development.