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Link: Rumors of War Comic Relaunch

There’s only a week left in my Kickstarter campaign. While I could hold out hope for a finale like It’s A Wonderful Life, I wasn’t single-handedly responsible for saving the town of Bedford Falls from bankruptcy, so it’s looking pretty unlikely.

So, life goes on. D&D is apparently celebrating its 40th anniversary — and that surprises me because I remember its 30th anniversary, which was only… oh, that was ten years ago? Good grief, I feel old. Anyway, where was I?

Right, so I signed up for this “Blog Hop” thing with a linky-list, and you can sign up for it too. It’s kind of like a Blog Carnival and it’s kind of like an non-syndicated magazine, where everyone’s sharing anecdotes about playing RPGs.

Check it out, will you?