It’s the beginning of a new year, and retrospectives are totally a thing. 2013 featured the ten-year anniversary of my high school graduation, which has had me thinking about the last ten years.

This year saw the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund my next webcomic — and I have high hopes not only for 2014, but pretty much the rest of my life.


– I suffered another mental breakdown in the beginning of 2007.

– I got my first full-time job at a software company in downtown Salt Lake City, where I have worked as a clerk for the last seven years.

– I went to a lot of conventions. I haven’t been to another GenCon since 2006, but I did go to Dundracon, Mikomicon, Anime LA, Anime Expo, Conduit, MountainCon, and a few others. I have a list somewhere.

– I stopped dating. I didn’t date again for almost three years.

– I finished work on my first “fantasy heartbreaker” RPG, and realized that I couldn’t sell it effectively without two things: A) an audience, and B) a setting.

– To sell my RPG, I resolved to create a unique, yet familiar setting inspired by Greek mythology. I began an extensive research project to familiarize myself with the history and religion of Classical, Archaic, and Ancient Greece.

– To create my setting (to sell my RPG), I resolved to create a comic to explore characters, themes and so forth. I met with a comic book publisher, some writers and artists, and began exploring the possibility of commissioning a comic.

– I moved into my first apartment with a roommate. Things were predictably chaotic, and I don’t think we ever really settled on things like responsibilities. I wanted the expensive apartment, so I paid most of the rent.

– I participated in NaNoWriMo again, and failed after writing about five thousand words. I then promptly forgot about it until the following year.

Stuff started out really, really bad for me in 2007, but after that I began to steadily turn my life around. Things sucked pretty bad, and technically continued to suck for the next several years, but I was building myself up from basically nothing.