It’s the beginning of a new year, and retrospectives are totally a thing. 2013 featured the ten-year anniversary of my high school graduation, which has had me thinking about the last ten years.

This year saw the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund my next webcomic — and I have high hopes not only for 2014, but pretty much the rest of my life.


– In 2006, I took a lot of dance classes. Like, a lot of dance classes. I was dancing pretty much all day, every day of the week. And it was glorious. Never mind that I wasn’t very good — I had a blast. I took ballet, tap, jazz, and ballroom.

– I went to a bunch of conventions — Winter Fantasy, Anime Expo, two GenCons — not to mention a bunch of other ones in between. Between 2005 and 2008, I staffed or attended something like thirty conventions.

– I lost reelections. I ran out of money. I dropped out of college.

– I moved to Utah and left pretty much everything behind.

– My friend and I started running D&D deathmatch tournaments at conventions, which served as a testing ground for a lot of interesting game design concepts I wanted to play with. I started writing “test” reviews of various RPG products I had picked up — I thought I might be able to go somewhere with my writing.

– I began work on a game design concept I referred to rather pretentiously as the “grand unified magic theory” or some hogwash like that. I had decided that the problem with most games nay, the entire fantasy genre, was that it simply didn’t put enough thought into the magic. Work continues to this day.

Most of what I might say about 2006 could probably be summed up pretty much the same way as previous years — mental breakdown. Bad decisions. Some interesting developments — and some prospects that may pan out one day.