So I’ve mentioned once or twice how I’m waiting for the verification process to launch my Kickstarter project. It’s been unnerving but also somewhat helpful. I’ve had time to review and rewrite the majority of the proposal and the rewards.

I’ve actually restructured my reward levels and stretch goals — both of which are important for both catching people’s attention and encouraging them to pledge. Yikes, this stuff is scary. I’ve never been good at “selling myself.”

Working on this Kickstarter project really makes me wish the contests, or donation drives had worked. Or advertising with Project Wonderful. Or Patreon.

I don’t want to ask for money. I’d like to be able to do everything by myself, and just leave it out for people to enjoy. But there are bills. I’ve been paying hosting fees out of pocket for three years, and it’s been hard to justify on occasion.

And then there’s that realization that so many of the things I want to do — projects I’ve worked on that have run aground — have problems best solved by throwing money at them. Technically throwing time at them, but time is money.

Experience has shown me time and again that while free things are great, lots of people don’t care about stuff unless they’re financially invested as well — I guess maybe that’s one of the paradoxes of time being money. Accounting.

Anyway, I’m trying to stay hopeful. I mean, asking for money is hard enough — how can I ask for money if I don’t survive the verification process?

Just more stuff that gets easier the more you do it.