I wanted to mention that I updated some details on the Flintheart’s Heroes campaign page. I haven’t done a session summary since the first one because I’ve been preparing for the Kickstarter campaign, and that is crazy stressful.

Just to fill you in, in case you aren’t familiar with the game:

I’m playing a dwarf cleric of Moradin by the name of Flintheart Glomgold. My character took the initiative to recruit each of the other party members for the adventure, which is Keep on the Shadowfell.

We have a big party — four magic-users (dwarf elementalist, human mage, human artificer, satyr hexblade), myself, a human fighter, and two rogues (both human, one a thief and the other an assassin). With absences, we average 5-6 players.

Last week, we wrapped up the kobold quest from the beginning of the adventure — and pretty handily at that. The DM is using my revised damage tables (found in Media > Downloads) for 4e monsters, though we won’t see a big difference until we’ve gone beyond the Heroic tier — where the numbers begin to break.

We have some stuff to do tonight when we get back to Winterhaven, namely seek out that wizard (name escapes me) and see if we can learn more about the ritual Kalarel is working on — we got Ninaran’s story and secured her help, even going so far as to acquire a map of the first level of the dungeon.

Perhaps one of the more important treasure finds of last session was a ritual book containing some eleven rituals. If we have time, our casters are going to master as many rituals as they can, then we’ll either hawk the book or try and trade up.

I’m pretty impressed with some of the group’s roleplaying so far — especially from some of the newer players. I’ve played through KotS once before, which leaves me blind to things our group didn’t find, beyond squelching my player knowledge.

Hopefully I’ll have time to do another write-up. I do enjoy recording things.