I want to start a short writing project as a warm-up for the new comic I want to launch this March. I happened across this website called “Ongoing Worlds,” which I thought might be an interesting platform for just such a writing project.

Link: Ongoing Worlds

I have literally no experience with this website whatsoever, but it looked interesting and I want to try it. I’m sort of planning on a single-player PbP thing, and I figured now would be a great time to reevaluate some of the Roguelike rules I designed.

Playing Skyrim actually, is what got me interested in doing this again — 4e has taught me a great deal about scaling encounters and adventures (and combat), and I want to try my hand at creating a straightforward Roguelike experience.

Also, my experiments with B/X D&D has got me itching for something a little more “hardcore” than what I’m used to — though I think I will probably roll up 3e characters for this writing experiment. I rolled a PC to try — a gnome bard.

gnome bard
St 12, DX 11, CN 8, IN 14, WS 8, CH 14

I don’t know if I’ll name him right away, or if I’ll wait until after he’s survived an adventure or two before uh… I think it’s called, “name level.” If he survives long enough to reach name level. I don’t know if there’s a set time, or if it’s when he develops a personality — nothing’s jumped out at me just yet.

For his two 0th-level cantrips, I chose Detect Magic and Read Magic, because I figure he’s a curious little bugger. I gave him ranks in Escape Artist and Listen — despite his Wisdom penalty — and I think his goal will be to “find magic.”

He’s largely lacking in Knowledge, despite his above-average Intelligence, but I gave him ranks in Craft: Alchemy, partly because I think he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of gnome. He’s leading with his strengths where he can–

Gnomes receive a racial bonus to Alchemy and Listen, he’s small, so I gave him ranks in Hide, and he’s a Bard — the favored class for 3.5 gnomes.

What I need to do now is review the random-dungeon rules I came up with before, and see if they’ll gel with what I have planned. There needs to be an option to run away pretty much at any point, but there need to be some rules about monster preparedness I think.