The time has come. I’m preparing to relaunch my webcomic, Rumors of War, and I’m going to run a Kickstarter fundraiser as a means of generating interest — and hopefully — acquiring some funds to make the whole process easier.

The original Rumors of War comic was an experiment in the sense that I was pushing myself to tell a story over a long period of time. My goals ranged from telling the story for a year before spinning off other comics, to telling one story over the course of fifteen years. But at its core, I wanted a daily webcomic.

And I did exactly that — I ended the comic as soon as I couldn’t commit the time I needed to keep up a consistent quality and schedule — but only after I had already successfully updated the webcomic every day for sixteen months.

The new comic will be a different experiment. I spent over a year developing the characters and story of the original comic, but the new comic will simultaneously be more structured and more improvised. I’ve written the plot (several, actually) featuring a series of escalating encounters and a Big Bad Evil Guy.

However, the heroes for the story have not yet been chosen — Kickstarter will represent the Call to Adventure — I will roll ability scores for each character, building them on-the-fly to generate a pool of candidates, then allow backers to choose the principal cast. You assemble the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.

My vision of the new comic is that it will be like watching a friend’s D&D game unfold play-by-play. All of the glory and shenanigans with none of the player recruitment, scheduling nightmares, or Real Life Writes The Plot.

A complete tale, from beginning to end, like the kind of campaign we’d all like to play in someday. It will update one panel at a time — making it simultaneously more mobile-device and print-layout friendly — multiple times per day. Panel updates will be largely self-sufficient while featuring text accompaniment.

Tune in when you like, read however much you want, or forget about it.

My primary goal will be to create a webcomic that updates regularly and tells a complete story. I am sick of webcomics that go on forever, or that fail to remain on a regular update schedule. Even I am not exempt from this.

To that end, I will not be collaborating with anyone on the production of the webcomic, except where it will ensure that updates are on time. The success or failure of the project will thus rest squarely on my shoulders.

Watch this space, I will launch the Kickstarter soon…