A week ago it was Rangers, now I’m on to Warlords.

There are a lot of really boring Ranger attack powers in the Player’s Handbook, let me tell you. Most of them are different iterations of “make X attacks, against up to X targets. If you hit the same target X times…” then double that.

There’s basically one version of each power for bows, and one for dual-wielding. Don’t get me wrong, multiple attacks are fun to roll — just boring to write out.

Anyway, with Warlords I’m finding an interesting problem in wildly varying power levels between attacks. For example, a high-level attack will grant a saving throw to a single ally within 5 squares on a hit — not too shabby — while an attack half its level will grant surges to each ally within 5 squares whether it hits or not.

That’s a bit of disparity.

Interestingly, I may be able to get another good chunk of stances out of the Warlord — comparable to the stances I got from Fighter powers — these ones based on granting attacks and saves instead of well, brutally mauling adjacent enemies. Stances will be a big deal for Martial classes.

Warlords have me thinking about how Free, Immediate, and Opportunity actions will function once “group initiative” is implemented. In 4e, each creature receives one Opportunity action for each other combatant’s turn — in a fight with 30 guys, that’s twenty-nine possible Opportunity actions.

Since a character can normally benefit from only one Free action attack per turn, that really limits the number of attacks that can be granted — everyone on a side is effectively acting on a single turn. Ultimately, I believe it will merely change the tactics used by players, as opposed to nerfing them.

Still, it will mean that only one Opp Attack can be taken by a character in a turn — so that a Fighter will have to choose whom he swings at and whom he lets by.