I like websites that make lists. I do. It’s sort of like a list of things to research and debunk. Also, It’s fun to sometimes point at entries on the list and laugh, knowing they really don’t belong because surprise, I’ve already done the research.

Some of the stuff on this list caught me off-guard. For instance, I keep forgetting how old the stuff in Egypt is, considering I’ve devoted a lot of time reading up on stuff to the north of Egypt — and some to the east. Or maybe they aren’t and I’m confusing the third millennium with the fourth millennium BC.

Link: 10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations

Credit for the list goes to the above, though I would only go there to reference the pictures of the sites. The picture are certainly pretty. Wikipedia provides better reading in almost every case. Plus, I also got an annoying pop-up that asked me if mysteries made me more interested in science or something.

I waited for it to go away on its own because ew.

1. Ancient Devices
Source Wikipedia
Link: Nimrud Lens
Link: Antikythera mechanism

2. The Rama Empire
Source Wikipedia
Link: Harappa
Link: Mohenjo-daro

3. Longyou Caves
Source Wikipedia
Link: Longyou Caves

4. Nan Madol
Source Wikipedia
Link: Nan Madol

5. Prehistoric Mining/Tunneling
I was unable to find a related article but I did some research into ancient mining and came up with some links to similar stuff which is interesting.
Source Wikipedia
Link: Prehistoric mining
Link: Examples of historic tunnels
Link: Grimes Graves
Link: Langdale ax industry

6&7. Pumapunku
May be an example of crypto-/psuedo-archaeology.
Source Wikipedia
Link: Pumapunku

8. Baalbek
Source Wikipedia
Link: Baalbek

9. Great Sphinx of Giza
Check out the “Rainfall Hypothesis” for more (potentially) crypto-/pseudo-archaeology. It isn’t that Egypt wasn’t green — it was, before massive desertification. The question is, “when was the sphinx built?”
Source Wikipedia
Link: Great Sphinx of Giza

10. Gobleki Tepe
Source Wikipedia
Link: Gobleki Tepe

Of course, the crowning moment of awesome was saved for the end of the list — Gobleki Tepe is totally deserving of words you don’t use everyday to describe things that totally blow your mind.