You may have noticed a couple changes around the site recently — or maybe not, I’m sure no one pays as much attention as I do, being obsessed with it as I am.

For as long as I’ve kept a blog, I’ve displayed the categories I post to — and those are gone now. I still use them for organization but they’re hidden now. I’m considering the possibility of dropping the tag cloud from the bottom — or perhaps moving it instead — and setting the blog to “infinite scroll.”

I personally dislike infinite scroll, but lots of people use it.

There are more links on my little … I guess it’s a blog roll, but not really. I hate maintaining a massive list of links, and my reading of other blogs is sporadic at best. Honestly, unless someone is actively commenting on my blog, I’ll skim the RPGBA feed and click on things that sound interesting.

If something really grabs me, I’ll skim the archives and comment on what I like.

As much as I enjoy designer blogs, I will get a good read out of a link posted by a friend on facebook just as often — sometimes more — than something found on a game designer blog. I don’t know if that says something about my reading tastes, the friends I keep, or game design blogs. All of the above?

I almost got rid of the site “search” feature, but quickly added it back when I realized that *I* couldn’t find anything on my blog if I wasn’t able to search for it.

These changes will no doubt lead to some updates of the other pages on my site. I will try to rewrite them to be less pedantic and more informative. I just like talking about myself so much I am too lazy to stop.

I want a neat, easy-to-read look. Hopefully this works.