I’m working on the script for my Kickstarter project video.

If everything is approved before I finish the video, I’ll launch without it but I want a video to go with my project. I want it to be short and to-the-point.

Part of the difficulty is in narrowing the focus of the project to something finite, marketable — and thus more likely to succeed. “I want to make a webcomic” has to be the central message. “I want it to build on the one I made before.”

Part of the difficulty is also conveying the need without coming off as desperate. I’ve realized that I can do the project on my own, out of pocket, but that it won’t be anything close to what I really want out of the project — which will require more than I have the means to produce without the assistance of others.

I have a lot to offer — I’m a prolific writer — but I am limited by the resources available to me. I can’t create as much as I could because I don’t have time.

The webcomic will be made in whatever time I can eke out between my day job and supporting my family. It will be made — you can be sure of that — anything beyond that will be largely down to luck, unless funding succeeds.

Now I’m just waiting on the verification process.