Still waiting on the Amazon verification process.

However frustrating, it provided me with time enough to come up with backer rewards. I realized only this morning what my project will “sell” in addition to the basic project — it occurred to me that the antagonists and even the villain can come from the same pool of characters I generate as protagonist fodder.

As part of the promotion process, I play to shoot a video of me rolling up each character’s ability scores (3d6; in order), then choosing a name, race, class, and coming up with basic motivations and background.

What I only just realized was that with my plan to run the comic for a year — choosing which characters play which roles is a pretty significant investment, whether that character lives or dies. Especially if they die.

I mean, that’s like getting to hand-pick Aerith for the story.

Plus, with the 3d6 method (in order, no less), there are BOUND to be some lame and potentially useless characters, and backers will be in a position to basically dictate how difficult things will be for the protagonists to succeed — based on which characters are chosen for the core adventuring party.

Then of course, there’s the option to choose the principle antagonists — and a major villain. While I’m not going to make a big deal about it, so as not to spoil any of the fun to be had during the fundraiser, there will be a Big Bad determined before the story begins, and the backer’s chosen villain will be The Dragon.

So yeah, I’m still waiting on the verification process.

But now I’m totally better prepared to sell this fundraiser, and I think I found a way to up the ante.