I have my preliminary list of PC races for my Kickstarter Project. There will be five initially, and I’ll admit now that I haven’t come up with their “in-universe” names yet, they will lay the foundations for racial archetypes though:

  • Dwarves – stocky tradesmen
  • Gnolls – cunning foresters
  • Gnomes – secluded miners
  • Halflings – restless riverfolk
  • Trolls – clannish foragers
  • All five of the races have a strong “earth” theme, with the exception of Halflings. Despite the inclusion of several typically “short” or “small” races, I don’t intend to create mechanics around the “shortness” of a character.

    There are actually several shared themes among these races. For example, Gnolls and Halflings are both “hybrid” races — Gnolls being a mixture of Gnomes and Trolls. Halflings will eventually represent a broader category of hybrids.

    None of the races — despite popular depictions — will be overtly bestial or monstrous. I’m going to do something different with races. I don’t intend to create a broad “human” race, but basically treat all fantastic races as kinds of humans.

    There will be a lot more types of each category — what are referred to as “subraces” in D&D — with each representing a combination of shared traits and culture. As time passes, some will change, “die out,” and be replaced.

    Broad categories will remain however, so you can rest assured there will always be “elves” of one type or another. Hopefully we can avoid the type that has been made stale through decades of carbon-copying Tolkein stereotypes.

    To facilitate this, many racial groups will in fact represent very small living populations — sometimes less than five thousand individuals. It’ll be possible, following the metaplot, to play a totally legit “last of his kind” character.