I like the 4e Rampage feature. It might have something to do with the fondness I have for the Rampage creature ability from Magic: the Gathering. Rampage creatures pumped for each creature assigned to block them after the first.

4e Rampage isn’t actually like that at all, but is a straightforward effect that gives the Barbarian a free action melee basic attack (MBA) whenever they score a critical hit. An additional limitation is hidden from you, if you aren’t already aware that you can only get one free action attack per combatant’s turn.

I think it would be a great little feature to build around when making Barbarian classes — any that don’t already have it should certainly get it.

All told I got about twenty at-will Rage powers from Barbarian daily attack powers.

Eventually (if not sooner) I will likely rewrite the basic Rage mechanics. On the one hand, I like that they’re persistent like Stances and that they provide a tangible benefit to the Rage-ee. On the other hand, if they’re too much like Stances, what’s the point separating the two? It’s hard to justify a keyword to force incompatibility.

I kind of like the Essentials Berserker whose defender aura effectively “switches off” the moment the character flies into a Rage. I wonder though, if there’s a way to achieve the same effect without making it feel like the player is losing anything.

And there’s the question as to whether a single class can contain so many disparate mechanics without being crushed under the weight of interactions. If I can figure out how to make Calm Emotions counter Rage without overpowering one (or making it too niche) or nerfing the other? I will be my hero.