I’ve been going over this in my head, wondering if perhaps there’s something else I should do — looking for a way to change things, fix them.

The “Speed” skill, which I’ve mentioned before when talking about my game’s Skill system, will be Strength-based, and will be one of the only skills with a specific combat application — the number of squares a character can move on the map.

See, I like this, but the asymmetry of a single skill having a combat application tweaks my mind uncomfortably. This morning I thought of an additional justification for it, which gives me a little peace of mind.

The way I’ve set things up, every ability score has a direct effect on combat, even if it doesn’t come into play very often — Charisma determining the Resolve defense, for example. Not many powers will target Resolve.

Out of all the abilities however, Strength is the one most likely to be “waved away” through the use of features and powers. It’s important for determining bonuses to attack and damage rolls with weapons, true — but magic can circumvent this.

Fortitude will still effect hit points, and those are always important. And the other four abilities will still add to their respective defense scores — that’s when I realized that with its Speed application, Strength will always be important.

Without a high Strength score, a character might as well be a King or a Pawn on the battlefield. Sure, Pawns can be promoted and the King is the most important piece on the field — but each is limited to a 1-square movement.

And that I think, is Strength’s niche. I mean, keeping with Chess, movement is equatable to value for many pieces, with stronger pieces moving farther. I understand “strength,” “value,” or uh, “tier” mean something different in Chess and don’t mean literal, physical strength, but just go with me on this one.

But I’m thinking about the Rook (alternatively: Chariot?), which is one of the more powerful and valuable pieces in the game. It moves in straight lines and can go clear across the board. I think maybe I’ve lost my point in the comparison.

I guess maybe I’ll keep thinking about this.