I’m not sure if these are listed in my links section — the links are probably the most-maintained part of my website — whether they are or not is kind of irrelevant at the moment. I wanted to share a short list of the webcomics I read, and why.

The three webcomics I read are Erfworld, Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes, and Order of the Stick. My standbys are Darths & Droids and Girl Genius.

Darths & Droids
I don’t really care that much for Darths & Droids, but I read it because it’s reliable. It updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — which fall neatly between Girl Genius updates, guaranteeing that I can get a new page of something every day. Darths & Droids is remarkable for its reliability, but I think it’s “too safe.”

I started reading Erfworld when it debuted at Giant in the Playground, and I have followed it ever since — for better or worse. Despite attempts to “swear off” Erfworld — mainly due its poor track record regarding updates — I keep coming back because the story is compelling and the characters are likable.

Girl Genius
I have a love-hate relationship with Girl Genius. I feel the story is constantly promising more than it will ever deliver. In fact, the story has delivered multiple times on multiple occasions — however by the time it does, you don’t care because of the new thing that just happened. The payoff is never worth it.

Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes
I started reading Goblins right about the same time I started reading Erfworld, but I don’t remember how I found it. Goblins is by far my favorite of the bunch, probably because it manages to be dramatic without being impenetrable. I’ve sworn off Goblins a couple times for its poor update schedule, but I always come back.

Order of the Stick
Order of the Stick is probably the webcomic I have read the longest and most consistently — after Electric Manga Kagerou which isn’t on this list because it hasn’t updated for some time. While I can’t really call OotS one of my favorites, I think the writing and characters are consistent, and generally worth following.

So that’s the list of webcomics I read, and my really depressing reasons for following most of them. I can say for certain that I actually like, on average, about two-and-a-half of them but it takes all five of them to keep me content. Mostly.