Continuing to talk about the first game set in my version of mythical Greece.

Archaeological evidence suggests Troy was the site of numerous cataclysmic wars, and mythical accounts also describe multiple Trojan Wars — like that one time Heracles just conquered Troy because he basically got bored.

The Trojan War incorporated a lot of weird alliances — I mostly mean the one that involved Helen’s suitors swearing to honor and protect whomsoever won her hand — I drew parallels to the alliance pile-up of pre-World War Europe.

Helen’s abduction was thus parallel to Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, and it triggered all the many different alliances on both side — meaning nearly the entire Aegean was involved. I actually made “Helen’s War” the second Trojan War, with Heracles’s shenanigans being the first Trojan War.

To simplify the timeline and give me more to work with later, I removed Achilles from the events of the war that engaged Menelaus and Agamemnon — and made the “Wrath of Achilles” the subject of the third Trojan War — also the bloodiest.

I thought it made things simpler for the players to follow, and it definitely made the timeline easier for me to reconcile. It also presented a fun puzzle for me, in the form of divvying up events across multiple wars.