This is the video where I talk about how and why I started running games in mythical Greece. I sort of got lazy and stopped running other settings.

I’ll be talking about my first Hellas-themed campaign all week, starting with the setting I devised and how I got the characters into the game.

I don’t think it’s fair to call it “mythical Greece,” no matter how much research I’ve done over the years — I don’t think I could ever do the stories justice.

But I try.

I suppose that’s part of what I was trying to say in my post yesterday about the origins of magic — I can always do more research and extrapolate as much as I can that isn’t covered in myths, but there will always be something I missed.

And sometimes reality has to be compromised in the name of making things player shortcuts, and sometimes myths have to be compromised because they don’t have much internal consistency themselves. Really, each decision is a compromise between what’s there and what sounds like it’d be fun to play.