In this video, I talk some more about the first campaign I ran in mythical Greece. We had a party of three adventurers hired to protect the interests of an enterprising architect who found a way to “monetize” labyrinths.

Never get on the boat.
(Link to The Spoony Experiment.)

Naturally, the party encountered danger on the high seas — in the form of a “pleasure ship” that invited the heroes over to join in the festivities. While aboard, they were accosted by horrible, squid-like cultists that tried to devour them.

The three heroes were a human Sorcerer-Barbarian, a gnome Illusionist, and an elf Monk. I forgot to mention in the video that the Monk had a couple students with him at the time, and it was for that reason that he almost stayed aboard the party’s vessel, avoiding the encounter below-deck entirely.

The horrible squid-monster wrecked the party ship, sending most of the cultists to their watery doom, and the party was barely able to cobble together a raft so they could drift to safety. They eventually washed up at their adventure site — The Isle of Strange Shifting Stones — which I will discuss in greater detail next time.