Monday night, we started a new 4e D&D campaign. Our group’s roster jumped from five players to nine, and most of our evening was dedicated to bringing the new characters together. My character is a dwarf cleric of Moradin.

Flintheart Glomgold (dwarf cleric) was approached by Akordia, a priestess of the Raven Queen. Akordia (shadar-kai) provided Flint with dossiers for several potential recruits, in addition to providing lodging and transportation as far as the outskirts of their destination — the town of Winterhaven.

Once the party reached Winterhaven, they would need to seek out a dwarf by the name of Douven Staul, a historian/researcher of some renown. In our setting, the Raven Queen is the dominant deity, so this was “an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

The first person Flint recruited was his longtime friend and companion, a satyr by the name of Driscoll (satyr warlock). Together, Flint and Driscoll set out for an arcane university that had fallen on hard times due to the waning popularity of “arcane sorcery” in the eyes of the public.

At the university, Flint approached Quinn (human wizard), a professor teaching alchemy and evocations in a secluded part of the school. By Flint’s reckoning, Quinn was the very essence of a “dangerously arrogant magic-user” — but Akordia’s dossier indicated he was both reliable and capable.

Quinn suggested one of his prize pupils join the venture, Ana (human artificer), who had proven to be his “least incompetent student” — and regarded her as having the most potential — having yet to blow anyone or anything up in class.

Quinn introduced Flint and Driscoll to one of the other teachers in Akordia’s dossiers, a dwarf sorcerer by the name of Helja. Flint took an immediate and inexplicable liking to her, despite his aversion to magic-users. She graciously accepted Flint’s invitation to join the group in its quest.

Flint instructed the magic-users to pack their things for a three-day journey, and wait for his word — they would be meeting at the Silver Dragon Inn that evening and setting out in the morning. Flint and Driscoll then went to the temple of the Raven Queen to meet one of the other potential recruits.

Tiig (human fighter) waited at the temple for them — the dossier Akordia gave Flint said that Tiig was a murderer seeking atonement for his crimes — that he should prove highly devoted during their quest. Tiig quickly agreed to the quest without promise of anything in return.

For the final recruit, Flint and Driscoll traveled to the Coldstone Gaol and spoke with the warden about a convict known as Chet (human assassin). No mentioned was made as to his crimes, and Chet volunteered nothing — but agreed to the venture in exchange for nothing but the opportunity for freedom.

That night, the group assembled at the Silver Dragon Inn.