This morning I finished evaluating all the daily and encounter Fighter attack powers from the Player’s Handbook. It was a grueling process, but I believe it was worth it. Actually looking at every single power and evaluating it for effectiveness was eye-opening. I don’t remember if I’ve already evaluated utilities.

In addition to reading and analyzing each power, I attempted to rewrite them for use on a per-encounter basis. Some of the dailies I converted into at-will stances instead — minus the attack component of course.

I’m also trying to figure out how to make the Reliable keyword stand apart — not expending an encounter power when it whiffs is one thing, but I think it needs another component to make the keyword really worth the effort.

Some of the encounter powers didn’t really feel like “encounter” material, so I modified them for use as at-will attacks. I think it’s a better fit for them.

All told, I got about nine stances, nine at-will attacks, and eighteen encounter powers to use for Fighter classes. Another nineteen didn’t fit the strict “defender” format I was looking for, but could find their way into niche/fringe Fighter classes.

About a bazillion years ago, I blogged about how important it is to make whatever stands for the “Fighter” class in your game cool, because if the Fighter doesn’t deserve special focus, then none of the classes do — they’re your bedrock.