This is hilarious and I keep forgetting about it and stumbling across it again.

Now I’m creating a link to it on my blog:
Link: General Tso: The Ten Points

Here’s the list of ten points, minus the fluff and commentary:
1. Designing a game is easy. Selling a game requires patience.
2. Test everything.
3. Put the writing through the same rigors as play-testing.
4. You don’t know anything about game balance.
5. Seek harmony in all design area, not just “game balance.”
6. Strike a balance between realism and gameplay.
7. Understand every process of design and publishing.
8. Never rush your designs.
9. Research your subject.
10. Kill your darlings.

My list definitely highlights the points, but lacks all the style and hilarity of the original. Please check out the original link. It’s totally worth it.