Here’s the Heroic Nethermancer class:
Download: Essentials Nethermancer v.1

The Nethermancer is the first post-class advancement 4e class I’ve designed — where the point of the class is really to be everything that it’s supposed to be from 1st level. Like if you were building a B/X character — roll ability scores and go.

Shadow Clone is the central power of the Nethermancer — inspired by the “Choking Shadow” power published in Heroes of the Feywild but significantly simpler in design and usage. You plant the clone near the enemy of your choice and start “choking” them with it — dealing damage and holding them in place.

Nethermancers have at their disposal an at-will Ranged attack, Ray of Fatigue, and an at-will Area attack, Grasping Shadows. Both borrow names from existing powers but have been trimmed to fit their status as at-will powers.

Ray of Fatigue is a long-range power and enables Dark Mirror, which triggers whenever an enemy fails a saving throw — the Nethermancer can shift 1 square and slide the enemy 1 square as an immediate reaction.

Whenever the Nethermancer hits an enemy with an arcane implement attack during their turn, they can use Blind Spot to gain partial concealment for a turn, helping to augment their sad, sad, cloth-armored defense scores.

Finally, Wraith Form grants the Nethermancer a minor reprieve the first time they’re bloodied during an encounter — granting them both insubstantial and phasing until the end of their next turn.

Unlike most of the controllers I tend to design, the Nethermancer’s powers lack “smart-targeting” — therefore it’s possible for the Nethermancer to hit allies with his powers. I’m still experimenting with smart-targeting, but I think I will probably assign it to a specific power source or archetype at some point.