I think I mentioned I was working on rituals — those powerful, world-altering magical effects that separate pre-4e Magic-users (Artificers, Clerics, Druids, Wizards, etc.) from 4e “ritual casters.”

Well, here’s the table I made for developing my own rituals:
Download: Rituals By Scale v.131127

Since having filled most of the table, I’ve actually started working on the next version, which will be a lot more thorough and will reorganize and reinterpret some effects. I’ve already written up three new rituals that I’d like to include.

I haven’t worked out component costs yet, so I won’t bother including them until I eventually figure out the math. Just a quick reminder — these rituals are intended for a setting based on our world’s ancient history. They’re intended to represent huge time-savers and will generally effect much smaller populations than D&D.

Earthworks is inspired by the “Move Earth” spell, and Create Tunnel is inspired by the “Passwall” spell. Signal Tower was a ritual I mostly made up but drew some inspiration from the “Tiny Hut/Secure Shelter” line of spells.

Evocation [Creation]
Level: 18
Casting Time: 1 hour

This ritual moves earth to create or remove moats, trenches, embankments, and ramparts. Its primary use is to fortify or modify the immediate area of a village or stronghold, but it could also be used to establish a wholly original defensive position.

The ritual can move and shape sand, loam, and clay but doesn’t effect stone. While the ritual could be used to form a hill or pit, it can’t be used to tunnel.

A single casting of the ritual should not be used to change the elevation of a particular area by more than 10 feet (2 squares). Additional castings of the ritual can increase or decrease the elevation further at the GM’s discretion.

The ritual is generative in nature, and can only be used to create or reinforce existing constructions, not weaken or destroy them.

Example: A character uses earthworks to create a modest 10-foot-high wall around his village to protect between 150-300 people. A second casting allows him to reinforce the earth wall with a 10-foot-deep moat around the perimeter.

Evocation [Creation]
Level: 6
Casting Time: 5 minutes (short rest)

This ritual creates a short, sturdy wooden tower, approximately 30 feet tall (6 squares) and 10 feet wide at the base (2×2 squares). The signal tower created by the ritual is functional, not defensive.

The tower can generally be climbed on one or all sides by use of a wooden ladder or protrusions. At the caster’s option the tower may use a rope ladder instead, making it more difficult to climb.

Evocation [Creation]
Level: 15
Casting Time: 1 hour

You move earth and stone to create a structurally sound tunnel up to 100 feet long (20 squares). The ritual can be cast multiple times to create branching passageways without compromising its structural integrity (GM’s discretion).

The tunnel created by this ritual is assumed to be horizontal and relatively straight, however the ritual could be used to create a sloped, angled, or curving tunnel. This ritual may be used to instead create a 100-ft. vertical shaft at the GM’s discretion.

Example: An industrious mage uses a divination ritual to locate a valuable gold vein beneath and calculates its depth and relative position. After a several castings of the ritual, miners are able to begin extracting the valuable metal.