If I didn’t do stuff like this all the time, I imagine this encounter would be rather infamous. As it stands, it’s actually a pretty typical Mind Screw encounter.

If it seems like there’s some information missing, it’s because there was a critical error with the video that directly precedes this one — I began by talking about how I started game mastering and some of the things I learned in that first game.

This encounter took place after I’d been GMing for about two months.

In true “mind screw” fashion, the encounter didn’t really have an objective apart from messing with the characters’ heads, creating tension, and driving a wedge between them. It might have worked, or it might not have.

While not actually the first mind screw encounter in the campaign — the first real weirdness took place when the characters wanted to go “shopping” for magic items, which I’ll elaborate on at some point — this was the first “openly hostile” mind screw encounter. It was an exercise in messing with the characters’ heads.

Every time I run an encounter like this, I get totally mixed feelings. Sometimes we get some really great character development out of mind screw encounters, but when they go poorly… wow, do they ever turn out poorly.