Here are the first two videos — parts one and two — of a series of “vlogs,” I suppose. I haven’t recorded any videos in over a year, and before I had the goal of demonstrating the playing and running a tabletop roleplaying game.

Well, as much as one person can on their own, anyhow.

In this new series, I’m just talking about games — I thought I’d start with a list of games that I’ve played or hosted in the past. The list might not be the most interesting out the door, but it gives me a place to build on in future episodes.

Games 2003-2008
D&D 3e – “Life’s Bazaar”
D&D 3e – “I Said Evil”
D&D 3e – “DEEP SEKH”
BESM – “World of Darkness”
D&D 3e – “Lhacylakenatz”
D&D 3e – “Mark of Heroes”
D&D 3e – “Xen’drik Expeditions”
D&D 3e – “Military Expedition”
D&D 3e – “Rotullis”
BESM – “Haverghast”
SWSE – “Star Wars Saga Edition”
D&D 3e – “Azure Trading Co.”
D&D 3e – “Return to Seashire”
D&D 3e – “Tristram”
D&D 3e – “Forgotten Realms”
Mage – “Mage the Ascension”

Games 2008-2013
Serenity – “Serenity”
D&D 3e – “Elric Darme”
D&D 3e – “Diablo 2 Act 1”
D&D 3e – “Mediterranean Plotluck”
D&D 3e – “Enndubbyaenn”
D&D 3e – “Rumors of War”
D&D 3e – “Myrean’s Odyssey”
D&D 3e – “Elric Darme (Prequel)”
D&D 4e – “Order of the Raven”
D&D 4e – “Menace of the Icy Spire”
D&D 4e – “Escape from White Cliff”
D&D 4e – “Red Box Adventure”
Misc d20 – “Steampunk Adventure”
D&D 3e – “Carrion Crown”
D&D 4e – “The Next Generation”
D&D 4e – “Praise of Stone”
D&D 4e – “Kobold Slippers”
D&D 4e – “Ogre Necromancer”
D&D 4e – “Space Marines”
D&D 4e – “Works and Days”