The title is not actually a reference to the Agatha Christie novel of the same name. Or any of the many, many other things “The Big Four” could be a reference to — they are four of the most important characters I’ve roleplayed over the years.

More specifically, they’re the four most important Dungeons & Dragons characters I’ve played over the years, as I will elaborate upon in tomorrow’s video.

The characters are: Thamian Crowe (half-elf bard), Elric Darme (human cleric), Allandra (eladrin wizard), and The Manticore (dragonborn warlord). Each character represents a dramatic upturn in terms of depth and complexity.

Thamian Crowe was of course, the first character I played in a D&D game and while he had fairly loose morals, he had strong personal goals — which were mostly to enjoy himself and to aid and entertain his fellows.

Elric Darme was designed to be a good person, through and through — helping the hopeless and basically giving everything he could to make the world a better place. And he did it the adventurer’s way — slaying monsters and whatnot, but whenever possible he tried to resolve conflicts through diplomacy.

Allandra was a methodical character with an unpleasant past and a pessimistic view of the future. While she had goals, she preferred to chip away at them rather than directly confront them — but that changed radically throughout the course of her adventures. She probably would have been an effective “evil overlord.”

The Manticore was created to be deliberately “morally grey” in character. He ingratiated himself to his allies while verbally abusing them, providing necessary aid and unparalleled leadership — while also harboring a ruthless goal that would seem the standard for adventurers: to hunt down and slay monsters.

I hope to talk at length about each character in the future.