The second “episode” in the series is about my first D&D character, Thamian Crowe. He was built as a half-elf bard in 3e, which was on the whole, a pretty sparse class as compared to its Revised counterpart.

First impressions are important — and as I was woefully unfamiliar with the D&D rules at the time, I tried to put my character’s personality first and endeavored to endear myself to the party. That bought me time until I could master the rules.

Though Thamian’s character sheet has been lost to time, I recall that he had below-average Strength but above-average Constitution and Intelligence. Of course he had top-notch Charisma — necessary for any bard worth his salt.

His primary skills were in history, oratory and rhetoric, the epics, deception, diplomacy, and streetwise. He was a man of seeming paradoxes, blending his desires for simple pleasures with generally refined tastes.

Though he took a more sinister turn when we picked up the game for a spell, he remained a fun character who I would totally play again given the chance.