I’ve been meaning to talk more about Angelique for a long time, now here’s a real introduction to the character. It’s usually more difficult for me to remember her because I have less sense of “achievement” associated with the character.

When we talk about characters in D&D, you can use the character level or the acquisition of treasure to demarcate advancement or achievement. With systems like BESM that de-emphasize advancement, it can be… more difficult.

I’m pretty sure I stuck with that game for at least a year, but I can’t rightly remember. I recall a few character-establishing scenes and some of the overarching plot, but specifics of the campaign elude me.

For years, Angelique was the character I had spent the most time with — and I went to lengths to “advance” and “develop” the character in the absence of a natural means to do so within the system. Yeah, you could gain character points and add to stuff, but it just isn’t the same. Nothing “changes” about a character.

That may be my problem with skill-advancement systems, like The Elder Scrolls, Serenity, Big Eyes Small Mouth, and Storyteller games. Your abilities technically improve and you acquire new ones, but there’s no “threshold.”

Even in a game like Fallout, which is largely a skill-centric in its gameplay, bases the majority of its skill advancement on level gain.

So Angelique is probably more important than Thamian to my “list” of characters, however he has the distinction of being “first.”