I’ve fallen behind in my monthly theme posts, but that’s okay — I’ve been wrapped up in doing some good work. This morning I finished a campaign outline based on Final Fantasy 7 that I’m calling “The Battle for Midgar.”

Download: The Battle for Midgar campaign outline

My task was a little daunting at first because my recollection of the game was pretty hazy. I mean, I remembered highlights easily enough but Final Fantasy 7 had a lot of characters and plot, however condensing the plot into something pliable for a tabletop roleplaying game proved easier than I expected.

When I began, I was determined to include side quests relevant to the plot. After reading a summary of the story on Wikipedia and comparing what I found there to a walkthrough of the game, I determined that most of the side stories really aren’t terribly relevant to the overarching plot.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the players will be creating characters to experience the story — and whether they’re aware of the original game or not, are unlikely to make the same choices available to players of the console RPG.

Final Fantasy 7 is heavily padded with stories related to its enormous cast of incidental characters which don’t advance the greater plot. Sephiroth wants to absorb energy from the planet to become a god. And that’s pretty much it.

The campaign sees the heroes hired by Avalanche to assist in the destruction of first one Mako reactor, and then another. A mole sells out the group which results in the failure of the second bombing. The heroes must then regroup to try and stop Shinra from dropping the plate on the Sector 7 slums in retaliation.

Transitioning from the Heroic to Paragon tier sees the party seeking aid from Don Corneo to reach the upper plates, then infiltrating the Shinra Building. Despite the elimination of Shinra’s leader, Rufus takes over and proves just as despicable — so the heroes seek out the legendary former SOLDIER Sephiroth for assistance.

Sephiroth proves to be insane, and helping him is a bad idea. The heroes realize Sephiroth is a bigger fish than Shinra, and race to stop him from acquiring the ritual to summon Meteor. Failing that, they try to awaken the avatar Holy. Failing that, they try and fail to assault Sephiroth directly in the Northern Crater.

Sephiroth successfully initiates the ritual to summon Meteor and the planet’s primordial defenders awaken. The heroes must work together with Shinra to protect the cities of Junon and Midgar, then secure aid to destroy the barrier preventing them from reaching Sephiroth. But it’s too late to stop Meteor…

But you knew this already.

Check it out.