Hi everyone. This is dither, and I wanted to let you know my posts have been a bit sparse (this time) because I’ve been working on two other projects that are taking up the time I normally have to blog.

The first of those projects is a new video series. Like the solo-run of Scales of War, I hope this will become an ongoing series. Unlike the solo-run of Scales of War, I hope this series actually continues in an ongoing capacity.

The second of the projects includes the first in a series of RPG ebooks I plan to publish in the coming months — I’ll unveil more information about them in future when I have more information to share. I’ve planned them and everything, but I intend to actually complete the first two or three before the first is published.

The video series should begin uh, “airing” on Monday next week. I guess it technically doesn’t matter when I start since it’s all going online and will just, you know, be there, but I like starting new things on Mondays.

My plan is to post a new video every weekday — and each video I intend to run about ten minutes. I’ll be using Youtube this time around because I should really get in the habit of using my various Google accounts. And Blip is kind of iffy.

Also, since I don’t have the resources to reliably edit videos (still), I don’t think one of those really “professional” video sites is the right place for me. While I think I can improvise a video better than lots of scripted videos out there, I literally can’t edit anything in my videos without breaking them.

At some point in the future it would be nice to get a KickStarter going to maybe crowdsource some new hardware and software and really develop the series, but that’s going to take some doing. And some fans? An actual crowd to source?

As for the content of the videos, they’ll be sort of a vlog thing where I’ll talk about games — mostly my experience with tabletop roleplaying games since that will be unique on the Internet — no one will be talking about my experiences I mean, not that the sort of thing hasn’t been done before. On the Internet.

I had hopes to relaunch my webcomic in a new format but that’s been pushed back. Maybe I’ll get to that before the new year. Maybe I’ll get to it before this time next year. Why does it always seem to take so long to do things?