There’s a new page on the site:
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It’s a collection of Heroic-tier remixes of classes that appear in the 4e Player’s Handbook. All these classes are strictly better than the classes appearing in my original 4e PHB1 Remix, but I plan to maintain the page for posterity.

All the classes appearing in the Second Mix are nearly straight conversions of builds found in the Player’s Handbook. Where possible, I rewrote existing powers and features as little as possible to retain the essential strengths of the class.

In almost every case, the new class is simply more effective. In a few cases, I had to invent largely original features and powers to fill in the gap created by the original classes — the Warmage in particular. A few classes deviate quite a bit.

All of the classes, with the exception of the Cultist and the Warmage, are at least partially Martial in power source, and work well with leaders who grant basic attacks. The remixed leaders have at-will healing powers that rely heavily on healing surges, and should help make “the work day” pass more regularly.

The Dragoon is probably the most changed of all the classes (see the Warmage, above), largely because it follows my philosophy of Defender design, which stresses the use of off-turn interrupt actions — primarily Opportunity Actions.

It’s a good collection. Check it out.