Like National Novel Writing Month, NaGaDeMon — National Game Design Month — is an optional deadline that designers can share among themselves once a year. There’s camaraderie to be had in addition to the magic of deadlines.

Here’s the appropriate link.

I think I will participate this year, but I have been going over which project I should develop first — first there’s “the big one,” War of the Seven States of Magic, but then there’s my RPGMaker project which has been moving at a glacial pace.

Ultimately the tabletop project wins out because of reasons, but I thought it was worth bringing up. Each day I will try to share whatever it is I’ve been working on and I figured I’d share my layout-slash-table-of-contents on Day Zero.

Quick Start Guide
(how to start playing immediately)

Core Mechanics
– ability, race, class, power, item, feat
– strength
– fortitude
– dexterity
– intellect
– willpower
– courage
– break, speed
– effort, focus
– escape, sneak
– logic, lore
– detect, discern
– charm, coerce
character level (“arete”)
– advancement
– development

Adventuring Life
– the party
– exploration
– hirelings
– encounters & milestones
– resting & downtime
– damage & healing
– death
– funerals & retirement

Lay of the Land
– where to go, what to do
– terrain and advantages

Tools and Trades
– athletics, discipline, initiative
– academics, creation, cultures
– intuition, perception, survival
– deception, persuasion, theatrics
basic gear

Strongholds and Hirelings
different kinds of retainers
– recruiting
designing strongholds
– location, location, location
– lookouts & patrols
– the tug o’ war
– home, rank, file, corner, center
raiding strongholds
stronghold defense

Gods and the World
deities (“The Five Gods”)
– Hestia
– Demeter
– Hera
– Hades
– Poseidon
– divination and destiny v. futility
– devotion and piety v. apostasy

People of Hellas
– playable races
– cultures & relations
– languages

Heroic Themes
– playable themes
– factions & relations
– plot hooks

Character Classes
making an X
playing an X
– goals
– motives
– resources
– combat
X in the world
– notable examples
– daily life
– NPC reactions
– enemies & allies

Character Development
– race feats
– class feats

Combat System