While working on something totally unrelated (incidentally, I was reviewing the rules of my “Chieftains of Catan” variant), I observed that there were eleven possible results for the roll of 2d6, and my brain went, “huh-duh?”

There are eleven unstable locations in the Arkham Horror basic game, which means that if one wished to eliminate the Mythos deck from the game, all one would need to do is assign each of the unstable locations to a die result:

Mythos Phase
(roll 2d6 and consult)
2 – Science Building
3 – Hibb’s Roadhouse
4 – Graveyard
5 – Black Cave*
6 – Independence Square
7 – The Woods*
8 – Witch House
9 – Unvisited Isle*
10 – The Unnameable
11 – Silver Twilight Lodge
12 – Historical Society

*Cult of One Thousand locations

As I recall, the two least likely locations to spawn a gate are the Science Building and Historical Society, followed by Hibb’s Roadhouse and the Silver Twilight Lodge. I think the Graveyard, the Black Cave, and the Unnameable were tied.

The Woods, Independence Square, the Witch House, and the Unvisited Isle are the most common sites for gates.

If you’re worried about monster movement, I thought of that too — “simple” shapes like the circle, triangle, and square move on results of five or less. “Pointy” shapes such as the diamond, hexagon, and star move on rolls of nine or more.

“Transition” shapes, like the crescent, plus, and slash move on the six-seven-eight. Which direction do they move? Well if you roll evens, the monsters move on the “white” arrow, and if you roll odds they move on the “black” arrow.

As for Clue tokens, I haven’t thought of a good refresher mechanic quite yet, but I have a feeling that each time a gate opens, a Clue token should appear at each unstable location where there is neither an open gate nor an investigator.

Repeat until all Clue tokens are exhausted, et cetera, et cetera.