Monday, August 5th was our third session of Works and Days.

Malako and Reverence had lost the princess in the catacombs beneath Thebes, and returned with a prisoner. They were anxious to interrogate the tiefling and find what they could learn about where Sorrow had been taken.

Unbeknownst to the characters, Sorrow had succumbed to her wounds during the chase. When the party regrouped at the Rat’s Nest, Reverence began savagely torturing the prisoner while Talus attempted to question him.

Despite injuries dealt to him, the man offered little information of value.

Perhaps realizing the information they did squeeze out of the pirate would do them little good — the party decided to head back to the University of Thebes and find a map of the catacombs. Their passage was halted by a riot in progress.

Talus attempted to capitalize on the situation by persuading the rioters to join the party’s cause — all he managed to do however, was call attention to himself and the group. The rioters attacked, seeking the party’s valuables.

The ensuing battle went badly for the party, and they were forced to scatter. Malako was badly injured during the fight, and separated as he was from the others — succumbed to his wounds before he could receive treatment.

Talus did manage to reach the University, while Jason and Reverence were captured by the pursuing rioters. Talus charmed his way inside, but quickly found himself lost and was imprisoned awaiting the return of the headmaster.

Meanwhile, the rioters mistook Reverence for the princess, Sorrow, and took both Jason and herself into protective custody. Reverence convinced their captors she needed aid founding an resistance against the growing dragonborn threat.

The former rioters responded eagerly, joining her cause.