I’ve updated the information on the Characters page.

From the menu, go to: Roles > Characters

I added information related to each character on the list, adding the system the character was created for/played, and I added links for characters I’ve written about in the blog — mostly for Allandra and Elric Darme.

I also added a few characters to the list who came up when I reviewed the different campaigns I’ve played in over the years — Catherine “Cate” Kathleen, Drowski, Redguard Longar, and Thamian Crowe. I can’t believe I forgot about Thamian.

Working on the page reminded me that I should probably talk some more about the characters I’ve played — I figure there’s probably more to that than trying to create new characters at the moment — maybe as a short video series.

Most of the characters I’ve played are pretty different — and yet I think there’s probably a clear progression of thoughts and changes in my personal beliefs leading from one character to the next.

Well, between Elric, Allandra, and The Manticore at least.

Maybe I should establish a timeline of when I played the characters — that would probably be interesting. I think that might help put them in perspective. Offhand I can say that since I moved to Salt Lake, I created Nensche, then Dennis, Elric, Florence, Allandra, Vandal, and most recently The Manticore.

Hm. I’m going to have to find a location where I can reliably record video.