Hey everybody,

I just performed a ComicPress update and it completely wrecked the site … again. When the comic disappeared for like, six months before or however long it was — I’m pretty sure that was the result of a ComicPress update as well. Hopefully I’ll have the thing righted before too long.

In the meantime, I’m going to look for alternatives to ComicPress. This is ridiculous.

update 1: I’ve activated a different theme until I decide how to move forward.

update 2: I’ve migrated the comic files over to Comic Easel. Things might change around some more in the coming days, but for now the site seems stable.

update 3: The site is pretty much repaired inasmuch as I can tell. I think the migration may have eaten a few of the pages. Let me know if one’s gone astray.

–dithering idium