Updated September 2, 2013

Over the last few months, I’ve written, revised, and/or rewritten about thirty new character classes for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Admittedly, not all of them are playable — but most of them are.

Here they are, organized by primary role.

Striker (8) +2
Brawler v.2, Martial Striker-Controller
New Cultist v.1, Arcane Striker-Controller
Hellraiser v.1, Arcane Striker-Defender
Poisoner v.1, Martial Striker
New Scoundrel v.1, Martial Striker-Controller
Stalker v.1, Martial/Primal Striker
Update Stargazer v.2, Shadow Striker-Controller
Witchknife v.1, Arcane Striker-Defender

Defender (4) +1
Duelist v.2, Martial Defender-Striker
New Guardian v.1, Martial/Divine Defender-Striker
Hospitaler v.1, Martial/Divine Defender
Mesmer v.2, Arcane Defender-Controller

Leader (4) +1
Captain v.2, Martial Leader
Healer v.1, Divine Leader
Update Minstrel v.2, Arcane/Martial Leader-Controller
New Templar v.1, Divine Leader-Controller

Controller (5) +3
New Jester v.2, Shadow Controller-Leader
New Warmage v.1, Arcane Controller-Striker
Wayfarer v.1, Arcane Controller-Striker
Lifedrinker v.2, Shadow Controller-Defender
New Ur-Priest v.1, Shadow Controller-Leader

Some of the classes are far from complete, some mere level-one write-ups, or else highly experimental in nature and thus unsuitable for extended campaign play.

These I’ve separated from the rest, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Early Experiments (10) -1
Archer v.1, Martial Striker
Elementalist v.1, Elemental Controller
Incarnate v.1, Primal Leader
Lurker v.1, Psionic Striker
Monk v.1, Divine Leader
Necromancer v.1, Shadow Controller
Ranger v.2, Martial/Primal Leader
Scourge v.1, Martial Controller
Warfighter v.1, Martial Striker
Warrior v.1, Martial Defender