Here’s the Revised Hellraiser class:
Download: Essentials Hellraiser (Warlock) v.2

The Hellraiser was the class that ushered in the first new phase of class designs. The class got me thinking about classes filling two combat roles — as opposed to just one — and it encouraged me to revisit the role distinction guidelines.

The Hellraiser (May 24, 2013)

Since it was on the cusp of some major changes to my design process, it missed out on many of the later innovations. Since then I’ve moved into what I’m referring to as a second “new phase” of class designs, which include in their number both the Cultist and Stargazer — two other Warlock classes.

I’ve updated the Hellraiser’s features and powers — “Shroud of Shadows” was replaced by the more standard Shadow Stride feature, and Eldritch Blast was added to make the class more effective against fire-resistant foes.

Binding Curse and Infernal Rebuke received minor nerfs — in exchange for removing the per-turn limitation and allowing Binding Curse to apply to all attacks, it now deals only 1d6 damage per tier. Infernal Rebuke deals slightly less damage, no longer counts as RBA, and only punishes the first attack against the caster.

The Hellraiser picked up a new 1st-level feature — Scourging Flame imposes a damage vulnerability when the Hellraiser scores a critical hit with a fire attack.

Infernal Compact and Dark Reward received upgrades to utility power status, and Hellfire Channeler got bumped up to become a 5th-level class feature — however Dark Refuge and Shadow Retreat retain their original awesomeness.

All told, I believe the changes elevate the Hellraiser to the same level as the other Warlock variants — the Cultist and Stargazer. Soon enough, you’ll see the new Lifedrinker class — by then it probably won’t be recognizable as a Warlock class.

Thanks for reading!