Here’s the Revised Duelist class:
Download: Essentials Duelist (Ranger) v.3

The Duelist is the first post in this month’s theme, “Future Fantasy.” I’ve been trying to decide on a name for the theme — I started with “Wellsian Fantasy,” the sort of story you’d expect from The War of the Worlds or The Time Machine.

Future Fantasy uses science much in the same way that epic or heroic fantasy uses magic — to frighten and amaze — but has an optimistic, idealistic streak.

You can expect a Duelist to be highly proficient in what would be considered the “sport” of fencing — here represented as two-weapon combat. They are lightly-armored fighting types who rely on wit and agility to see them through a fight.

A few powers from the Ranger carry over largely untouched — Careful Attack, Nimble Strike, and Twin Strike. You may notice however, that I have simplified the powers so they do not reference “main” or “off-hand” weapons.

This is intended to make the powers easier to use. Designating main and off-hand weapons is an artifact of a more cumbersome system. I see no reason to restrict usage based on something as transitory as which hand holds which weapon.

Rending Attack borrows from a Third Edition concept — hitting with multiple attacks enables additional damage — but here it is used as the vehicle of the Duelist’s striker bonus damage, as combat advantage is to the Rogue.

Off-Hand Strike in this case refers not to an off-hand weapon in particular, but rather to the sort of attack it is — “under-handed.” I considering calling the power something like that, but I’m not sure which would have been more confusing.

As the Duelist grows in power, they acquire a number of reactions — all with different triggers — but largely used in response to melee-range threats.

I’m pretty well satisfied with how the Duelist turned out. Since there’s a fair amount of reworking that went into the class, and neither of the previous revisions were posted there — this one went on Patreon as content.

edit: The “Two-Weapon Fighting” class feature should read as follows:

You can wield a one-handed weapon in your off-hand as though it were an off-hand weapon.

There is a typo in the PDF.