Last night I felt a strange compulsion to write up a simplified version of the Ardent (Player’s Handbook 3) and I’m glad I did. I had this weird feeling that I was missing something beyond the Player’s Handbook, and I think I’ve hit upon something.

Last month, I wrote about applying the flavor of the Warlock across the entire Shadow power source — with “made a pact with the Raven Queen” shifting to “made a pact with [insert otherworldly power here]” and calling it done.

A Shadow-Powered Warlock (Aug 16, 2013)

I think many more of the classes stand to be reorganized by power source. I’m looking at moving both the Bard (Arcane) and Barbarian (Primal) classes to the Psionic power source — a move that might alarm no small number of people.

Admittedly, I’ll need to confirm this by tinkering with the rest of the classes from PHB3 (not to mention PHB2 as well), but I think there were a number of thematic hiccoughs among classes and power sources, in a “slippery slope” capacity.

I’m pretty sure that slippery slope started with the Ranger and the Warlock in the original Player’s Handbook — these classes being Martial and Arcane threw off a number of classes that were yet to be published.

I’m working on a list of projected changes, which should appear later today.