Updated September 30, 2013

Since April this year, I have written, revised, and/or rewritten almost forty character classes for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Here are the best of them, organized by combat role:

Striker (8) -2
New Archer v.2, Martial Striker (D)
Cultist v.1, Arcane Striker (C)
Update Duelist v.3, Martial Striker (D)
Update Hellraiser v.2, Arcane Striker (D)
Scoundrel v.1, Martial Striker (C)
Stargazer v.2, Shadow Striker (C)

Defender (4) -1
New Bloodknight v.1, Shadow Defender (S)
New Dragoon v.1, Martial Defender (S)
Guardian v.1, Martial/Divine Defender (S)

Leader (4) -2
New Marshal v.2, Martial Leader (C)
Templar v.1, Divine Leader (C)

Controller (5) +1
New Demigod v.1, Divine Controller (L)
Jester v.2, Shadow Controller (L)
Lifedrinker v.1, Shadow Controller (D)
New Reanimator v.1, Shadow Controller (L)
Ur-Priest v.1, Shadow Controller (L)
Update Warmage v.2, Arcane Controller (S)

In the early weeks of September, I entered a new phase of class development. Beginning with perhaps the Templar, Guardian, and Cultist, I got demonstrably better at honing combat roles and expressing effects through utility powers.

Phase 2 (10) +10
Brawler v.2, Martial Striker (C)
Captain v.2, Martial Leader (n/a)
Healer v.1, Divine Leader (n/a)
Hospitaler v.1, Martial/Divine Defender (n/a)
Mesmer v.2, Arcane Defender (C)
Minstrel v.2, Arcane/Martial Leader (C)
Poisoner v.1, Martial Striker (n/a)
Stalker v.1, Martial/Primal Striker (n/a)
Wayfarer v.1, Arcane Controller (S)
Witchknife v.1, Arcane Striker (D)

Some of the classes are far from complete, some mere level-one write-ups, or else highly experimental in nature and thus unsuitable for extended campaign play.

These I’ve separated from the rest, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Phase 1 (10)
Elementalist v.1, Elemental Controller
Incarnate v.1, Primal Leader
Lurker v.1, Psionic Striker
Monk v.1, Divine Leader
Necromancer v.1, Shadow Controller
Ranger v.2, Martial/Primal Leader
Scourge v.1, Martial Controller
Warfighter v.1, Martial Striker
Warrior v.1, Martial Defender