Here’s the Heroic Reanimator class:
Download: Essentials Reanimator v.1

If you saw the preview on Patreon last Wednesday, you’ll see a few things changed about the class.

I revised the Death Master at-will to be a little more obvious in its use and execution. A Standard action gives you one attack per minion — the effect line indicates that each minion makes an attack against an enemy adjacent to the minion, using the ability as defined plus enhancement from an implement.

The Ravenous Consumption power was renamed to Consumptive Field — a reference to an effect from the 3.5 Libris Mortis — and changed from an Area attack to a more intimate Close burst, which I feel fits the class concept better.

The Reanimator creates minions with Animate Dead, and then commands them through a combination of features and powers.

Command Minions gives the Reanimator a new move action, Reanimation restores any destroyed minions at the start of the Reanimator’s turn, and the Swarm Attack feature grants the Reanimator additional attacks with minions.

The class should prove easy to understand and play, even with many pieces under the player’s control. Animate Dead describes how the class’s minions are attacked and destroyed and the remainder of the Reanimator’s features and powers provide straightforward enhancements to minions.

As the Reanimator advances, his minions become more potent. A minion’s damage improves to 1d6 at 5th level (from 1d4), and when the Reanimator maneuvers two or more minions adjacent to a creature, the creature grants combat advantage to the Reanimator’s allies.

Starting at 2nd level, the Reanimator can spare a minion from destruction once per encounter with Blood of the Master, and at 6th level the Reanimator’s minions can deal extra cold damage for a round with Deathly Chill.

At 10th level, the Reanimator can trigger a retributive strike when a minion is destroyed with a power called Death Burst. Huzzah for minion-bombing!

Now that I’ve completed a minion-based class, expect to see more like it in the future — it’s my hope to continue exploring and expanding minion concepts for player characters — I might have what I need to make that Vermin Lord class.