Here’s the Heroic Marshal class:
Download: Essentials Marshal (Warlord) v.2

This class has undergone some changes since it went live on Patreon over the weekend. Initially it was more passive and relied on basic attacks and a good Wisdom score — I think this version is much sturdier and a lot better balanced.

My goal was simple when I started — I wanted to make a better Marshal. And it seemed simple enough at first, since all I had to do was cut out a bunch of the obfuscating fluff powers that made good Marshals hard to build.

It’s important to understand I’m not just taking the best features and powers and rebuilding classes out of that — I’ll admit that’s what it takes sometimes to make the class work, but that isn’t all I’m doing.

In some instances I’m fleshing out keywords and feature/power interactions that fell by the wayside in the system, or reintegrating effects that existed in 3.x but were dropped or forgotten from 4e — the Marshal used to mostly grant move actions.

You’ll note I brought back my Flanking Maneuver feature, here rewritten as a power. It slides an ally and has a few more requirements — this is the product of playtesting the Minstrel. The power fixes some of the problems of the feature.

Unlike some of the other remixes/rewrites of late which incorporate new versions of other features and powers of previous classes, the Marshal is not intended as a remake of the Captain. I intend to re-release the Captain as a separate Warlord class — slightly less versatile, and preferring ranged attacks and ambushes.

The Marshal is very much the “tough” Warlord class — whenever possible, they choose to lead from the front. Hold the Line should make this apparent. Their healing is even boosted by their Strength score, a la Bolstering Words.

“Commands” make up the majority of the Marshal’s powers — I originally created the Command keyword for the Captain, and here the keyword has been codified.

Command powers are similar to “Speech” powers in their basic requirements, but Speech powers run the gamut of effect types and represent magical words of power. Commands are always Martial powers, and always enable effects.

I’m started moving forward with the changes to healing effects I described last week, and the Marshal reflects those changes. Check it out!