Here’s the Heroic Dragoon class:
Download: Essentials Dragoon v.1

Key features of the Dragoon include Combat Supremacy and Spear Talent. Combat Supremacy is similar to a Weaponmaster’s “Combat Superiority” feature, except it provides a bonus to the attack and damage rolls of Opportunity Attacks. This makes the Dragoon the master of Opportunity Attacks.

Spear Talent grants the Reach property to any “Simple” spear in the Dragoon’s hand — while conferring the Versatile property to any “Military” spear. These benefits occur only while the Dragoon uses a shield, and guarantee he can wield almost any spear one-handed and hit an enemy up to two squares away.

The Spear Wall power grants the Dragoon a unique opportunity to attack an enemy who charges through a square within a spear’s reach — potentially dropping the foe before he can complete his charge.

Shield Ally and Shield Block are a pair of opportunity actions that enable the Dragoon to interpose his shield between an attack and himself or an adjacent ally — as opportunity actions, these powers add an additional layer of tactical complexity as the Dragoon must choose between attack and defense.

As the Dragoon advances through the Heroic tier, he becomes tougher with help from the Indefatigable utility — temporary hit points that become reusable when he spends an action point — and Renewed Effort, a utility modeled after the “Iron Heart Surge” maneuver from the 3rd Edition Tome of Battle.

The Dragoon gains Surprising Charge at 5th level, which enables him to deal extra damage against an enemy he charges with combat advantage (inspired by the feat of the same name). At 9th level, the Dragoon gains Grasping Spear, which immobilizes an enemy unlucky enough to suffer a critical hit.

Finally at 10th level, the Dragoon gains the Oath of Vengeance utility, which grants him a temporary action point when an adjacent ally is felled.

This class was a lot of fun to make. Check it out!