Here’s the Heroic Bloodknight class:
Download: Essentials Bloodknight v.1

When I set out to revise the Lifedrinker class I posted back in July, I realized that its failings were in how many things I was trying to do with just one class. I decided to split up the features and powers into three classes, and while working on those three classes, I inadvertently created a fourth — the Bloodknight.

The Lifedrinker (Jul 19, 2013)

The Bloodknight previewed a week ago still had some problems — I kept trying to find a workable solution for the “False Life” feature, but I couldn’t make it fit in the rest of the class. As soon as I cut it, the rest of the class was straightforward.

Well, almost — I wrote three utility powers for the Bloodknight and came to a full stop when I realized I had written three utility powers for a controller. I tossed them back in the mixing pot and wrote three all-new utility powers for the Bloodknight.

The Bloodknight was the recipient of the Life Siphon feature, which grants him surge-less healing once per turn when he bloodies or defeats an enemy with a melee weapon attack — the weapon part is important…

…Because Burning Blood is a melee power. As an Opportunity action, when an enemy deals damage to the Bloodknight, he can spray them with his acid-and-fire blood! Now I’m trying and failing to think of a good Aliens quote for this.

The Bloodknight is a vicious jerk who likes to remove foes from the battle. He gets striker damage — against enemies that are already bloodied. Vicious Smite gives him a bonus to attack and extra [W]s of damage against a bloodied enemy.

Pact of Return — another of the powers he received from the original Lifedrinker — gives him his death saving throws at the start of his turn instead of the end. That makes it possible for him to spring back up almost right after dropping.

I’m also a fan of his at-will attack — an MBA replacement power — which gives him his striker accuracy by targeting Fortitude instead of AC, and has a subtle damage bonus. The attack deals maximum damage to a prone target.

In math terms, that’s basically what amounts to double damage — but it’s more reliable than adding an extra die to the mix. If you’re feeling sadistic, give him the Executioner’s Axe superior weapon, and the Headsman’s Chop feat.

With the Bloodknight complete, I have three more Lifedrinker classes to finish: there’s the Lifedrinker revision, the Deathdealer, and the Heartseeker.

Play at your own risk.