Here’s the Heroic Archer class:
Download: Essentials Archer (Ranger) v.2

I realized a bit too late that this ought to be “version 2” of the Archer, since I wrote one back in April. By the time I did though, I’d already set up links and broadcast it everywhere. You’ll know though, and that counts for something.

Game of Roles: The Archer (Apr 19, 2013)

Actually, this isn’t much of a revision to the class I made before. I started working on this Archer when I suddenly realized the Duelist/Swashbuckler I made for my compilation of PHB class rewrites didn’t fit the rest of them very well.

There wasn’t enough “new” stuff the Duelist did very well, and it was comparatively … I don’t know, somehow “simply complicated,” if that makes any sense. No wait, I remember what the real problem I had with the class was — the Swashbuckler just didn’t fit the Primal power source. And that would be contrary to my purpose.

There are a couple formatting changes you might notice here — I’ve stopped including power source keywords unless the power has no other keywords. Also, starting with the next class, “Skill Training” will become “Skill Proficiency.”

But, about the class itself.

The Archer Combat Style feature reflects my belief that feats should not be class features. It is a translation of the effect of “Defensive Mobility,” which will stack with Defensive Mobility. It’s “Artful Dodger” with Wisdom instead of Charisma.

Disruptive Strike is one of the better low-level Ranger attacks. Here I’ve made it more reasonable for multiple uses. The Archer is a defender, so the power now triggers when an ally is attacked. Instead of the massive 3 + Wisdom modifier penalty to attack rolls with the triggering attack, it’s a reasonable 1+WIS.

Hunter’s Quarry has been simplified — but most of the feats, powers, and features once associated with it won’t really work. Bit of a trade-off there.

With Split the Tree, I borrowed from the original power but also from the PHB3 Seeker class. I’m satisfied with the result — it can’t be abused through granted attacks, so it’s basically an at-will Orb of Deception for ranged basic attacks.

I would change one word from the power’s effect line: “You make the triggering attack..” becomes “You repeat the triggering attack…” and it’s perfect.

Finally, the Archer incorporates part of my revised design guidelines toward the use of keyword powers — Stances make an appearance, largely because the Archer can maintain only one at a time. There are some good ones there, but Fox’s Cunning and Spitting Cobra will compete with Disruptive Strike.