About a month ago, I posted a tentative list of character classes I wanted to work on that fit in with the Cosmic Horror / Weird Fiction theme I had going for August.

Heroes of the Far Realm (Aug 1, 2013)

While I didn’t complete every class on the list, I did address most of them — one way or another. Not all of them turned out as I expected.

What was proposed:

– Cancer Mage. Didn’t really happen. I really like the prestige class from 3.x, but I just didn’t get around to this one before the end of August. I hoped to incorporate elements of the Necrotic Cyst like of spells from Libris Mortis, but this class will have to go on the back burner. I might work on it for September.

– Dreamwalker. Developed a level-one design for this class, but didn’t progress much farther. I encountered some problems with its core concepts, and how to develop the class over the Heroic tier. This one is going to take some work.

– Entropomancer. Started as the Cultist, then reverted to the Entropomancer, then was set aside to be a separate class. I ultimately completed the Cultist class, but it’s different from the Entropomancer. I still want to make this class, which is inspired by the 3.x prestige class of the same name.

– Pseudonaturalist. Several aborted attempts. I failed to design the first level of this class. I will probably try again this month, since it fits the “science failure” theme I came up with for the new class list I have yet to publish.

– Shadowtwin. Not sure where I am with this class. I started designing the Shadowtwin but it grew into the Puppeteer class. The Shadowtwin is still a distinct concept — and it will probably have to go on the shelf for the time being.

– Symbiologist. Really wanted to make this class but never started. There were so many other classes to work on, I never got the inspiration to begin work on the Symbiologist. It might happen this month however, it’s vaguely science-y.

Ur-Priest. Nailed it! I will probably revise this class now that I’ve seen some of its features and powers in play, but this was a class I finished for August. I guess that might seem like a failure, but I got so many things finished, it’s hard to feel bad.

– Vermincaller. I wrote some exploratory powers, but otherwise never started work on this class. I still want to make it though, and I might just do that this month. Entomology is a science, and I think “bug science” is a good class theme.

What happened:

Cultist (Warlock) v.1: I decided I needed a definitive starting point for Warlocks after my work on the Stargazer.

Stargazer (Warlock) v.2: This was the first class I made for Mythos Month, and I’m proud of how it turned out. I even revised it before the month was out. The Stargazer made me really think about what makes a Warlock — and its real place among the heroes of Dungeons & Dragons.

– Puppeteer. Still working on this class — but it promises to be interesting when it’s done. I’m using it to explore the use of multiple conjuration effects, similar to (but different from) the multiple-summons/minion effects of the Reanimator.

– Reanimator. This class is still in the works, but I expect it to be finished by the first part of next week. It’s particularly exciting because it adapts the minion rules for player characters — which might well be where they belonged all along.