Last night I hashed out a campaign arc based on The Last Airbender. The arc primarily draws inspiration from the first season (about 10 episodes), but takes a bit from later seasons to emphasize elements of the show’s setting.

At some point I plan to write up a couple more, but for now…

“Book of Water” (working title)
Secret of the Lake (s1: “The Boy in the Iceberg” & “The Avatar Returns”)
The Winter Solstice (s1: “The Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World”)
The Long Road Ahead (s1: “The Great Divide”)
Prizes Won and Lost (s1: “The Waterbending Scroll”)
The Terrible Deluge (s1: “Jet”)
Firebrand Defector (s1: “The Deserter”)
The Hidden Strings (s3: “The Puppetmaster”)
Ladies in Painting (s3: “The Painted Lady”)
The Marsh Phantoms (s2: “The Swamp”)
Whims of Cowardice (s3: “The Southern Raiders”)
The Master of Masks (s1: “Siege of the North” Part 1 & 2)
Siege of the North (s1: “Siege of the North” Part 1 & 2)

Major changes include a reduced emphasis on the role of the Avatar. I designed the campaign to allow a party of adventurers — which might include Aang, Katara, and Sokka — to work their way up to the climactic battle at the end of season 1.

Most if not all of the adventure locations can be reached on foot — removing the need for a flying bison (or similar air transport) for telling the story. There’s a greater emphasis placed on the spirit world and the balance of nature.

The pursuing Fire Nation soldiers are retained, but with a slightly different reason — picture them as a competing force rather than strictly chasing the characters. I imagine Indiana Jones racing the Nazis to discover The Ark of the Covenant.

There’s a philosophical arc that permeates the campaign as well — when the players begin their journey, the Fire Nation invaders are seen as petty antagonists. As the characters find themselves far from home in wartime, allies show ruthlessness and enemies become more sympathetic.

Entering the epic tier, the characters are reminded of their obligations to home, and a race across the Spirit World — likely the Feywild — brings us to the climactic defense of the north pole from the end of season one.

A fuller summary of the campaign arc is forthcoming.